Companies say backdating used in days after 9 11 movie star dating

The files also contain new details of offshore dealings by the late father of British Prime Minister David Cameron, a leader in the push for tax-haven reform.The leaked data covers nearly 40 years, from 1977 through the end of 2015.

If you have an interesting or funny story about your tenant's excuse for not paying rent, we'd love to hear it! " The power loss issue is with the electric company.

Late payments can result in agency notices, fees, penalties, and interest.

Amendments may also be necessary if tax filings have been completed.

We've been here a while and the rent hasn't gone down even though the house market has gone down." Excuse me? - Marlena, M., TN While we were away on vacation, Tenant drops off rent on the 1st, minus , with a note that says she'll pay the balance on the 5th. I gave her some stamps so I don't have to go in person.

We return on the 7th and cant find the balance. I explained that my drop-box didnt contain her . - Al, WI "You don't deserve the rent, because you're trying to evict me, so I'm gonna work the system & stiff you!