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However, there may be some debts that you still need to pay.

This can sometimes be longer and may affect your ability to obtain credit.

For more information regarding your credit report, contact a credit reporting agency. The National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) is a public record of all insolvency proceedings in Australia.

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It's like they're waiting for you to give them the I-promise-not-to-testify-in-court-if you-kill-them nod.

Click here Description: The shared services industry in the Philippines is now approaching a watershed moment.

RPA and external pressures from the APAC region continue to drive change within the industry, as shared service practitioners continue to establish new benchmarks in end-to-end processes, digital transformation, up-skilling and retention of workers, and value-adding activities.

In a study conducted by Slater & Gordon, a UK law firm, the main reason people stay together in bad relationships is exactly this, fear: the fear of divorce, fear of being alone and fear of not being financially stable on their own.

Of the 2,000 surveyed married couples, 20 percent said they felt trapped in their marriages, but would not divorce unless they were guaranteed financial security, while 29 percent said they would advise younger generations not to get married.