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It also came with pre-installed software, and of those pre-installed software included Microsoft Works Word Processor.

I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit last week, and I have been painstakingly installing my programs back after I messed up the installation.

In addition, if you change the data MS Works will automatically recalculate the answer without you having to re-enter the formula.

The following tutorial covers in detail how to use formulas, including a step by step example of a basic MS Works spreadsheets formula.

While this update worked fine for many users, some had problems getting the update to install, and if it failed, there's no sure-fire way to get it fixed. Among vendors there is Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, dozens of Windows OEMs, dozens of Linux OEMs. Msoft just seems to be getting smarter and smarter. I don't think "inexplicably" is the correct description.The Windows RT version of this update can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Support web site. Then everyone will stop complaining about the os AND they'll see what a wonderful experience the windows store is." Some day, someone at Microsoft needs to start making better decisions. We had tickets in with Microsoft, a full IT department, and all of Google trying to figure out what the problem was, and nobody was able to figure it out. These users finally just wiped their systems, did a clean install, and then everything worked. It was a huge loss of productivity as they had to reconfigure their entire environments after, as well as all the time lost debugging and trying to upgrade.Let me know if anyone has a link to the Windows 8.0 (x86) version of the update. I hope this fixes the issue completely, but the upgrades need to be MUCH more simple, reliable, and easy to do in the future.First, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, then I realized I put in the wrong disc so I then put in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, then I upgraded to Ultimate 64-bit.All my programs got messed up in the process and I basically have a clean install of Windows 7 with a folder containing my programs in a folder, which all need to be re-installed.