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FBI Director James Comey has publicly chastised tech companies for installing automatic encryption into their devices and has urged Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit it.

In an age of increased privacy concerns, there is no way that Congress would pass a bill to give the government greater access to electronic communications, said Patrick Eddington, the Cato Institute's policy analyst for homeland security and civil liberties."The mass surveillance that the NSA and FBI have developed didn't stop the underwear bomber, the Boston Marathon bomber or the shootings at Fort Hood," he said.

Minneapolis is hosting listening sessions this month in advance of a possible increase to the citywide minimum wage.

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Legislation that would prevent state and local governments from mandating the use of project labor agreements for public construction projects was approved Wednesday by the Iowa Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee.They also say such agreements effectively impede the majority of the construction workforce from taxpayer-funded projects.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 85 percent of the private construction workforce in Iowa is non-union.This study used ACT, National Student Clearinghouse, and Illinois State Board of Education survey data to examine the effects of the reform for public school students.Three questions were addressed: (1) Have the new graduation requirements increased math and science course taking; (2) Has student achievement improved in math and science because of the policy change; and (3) Have college enrollment trends been affected by the new law?